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Entertainment and culture

We need to relax more in this time and age and having fun sounds like a great way to forget about the daily routine. Let's have fun in Portuguese language!

  Author: NikMan | Category: Portuguese language | 26th November 2011  


Writing: Festa

Let's go for a drink downtown?

Writing: Vamos ao centro beber um copo?

Shall we go dancing?

Writing: Vamos dançar?

Is there a club nearby?

Writing: Existe alguma discoteca perto daqui?

Are you having fun?

Writing: Estás divertindo?

Should we go to another bar?

Writing: Vamos para outro bar?

Do you have Karaoke here?

Writing: Vocês tem Karaoke aqui?

Should we go home?

Writing: Acham que deveriamos ir para casa?


Writing: Cultura

Is there a concert tonight?

Writing: Há algum concerto hoje?


Writing: Teatro


Writing: Cinema


Writing: Bilhete

Good show

Writing: Bom exibição

I didn't like the movie

Writing: Não gostei do filme
Amazon rainforest in Brazil
Amazônia in Portuguese, spreads over 1.7 billion acres (7 mill sqr km), most part of it, 1.4 billion acres is covered by rainforest, and 60% of it grows in Brazil. It is estimated that about half of all animal species of the world, live in tropical Amazon rainforest.
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