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Numbers are basically universal but pronunciation and writing are different in pretty much all languages and French is no exception.

  Author: NikMan | Category: French language | 11th March 2012  

Zero, one

Writing: Zéro, un


Writing: Deux


Writing: Trois


Writing: Quatre

Five, six, seven

Writing: Cinq, six, sept

Eight, nine

Writing: Huit, neuf


Writing: Dix

Eleven, twelve

Writing: Onze, douze

Thirteen, fourteen

Writing: Treize, Quatorze

Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen

Writing: Quinze, Seize, dix-sept

Eighteen. Nineteen, twenty

Writing: Dix-huit, dix-neuf, vingt

Twenty one, trideset

Writing: Vingt et un, trente

Thirty five

Writing: Trente cinq

Sixty seven

Writing: Soixante sept

Eighty eight

Writing: Quatre-vingt-huit

One hundred, two hundred, three hundred

Writing: Cent, deux cents, trois cents

Thousand, three thousand

Writing: Mille, trois milles

Four thousand and sixty six

Writing: Quatre milles soixante-six

Seven thousand eight hundred and fifty four

Writing: Sept milles huit cents cinquante quatre


Writing: Million
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