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Education and work

Proper education and ability to put the theory in practice is a winning combination when looking for new job, let's learn some basic phrases in Portuguese.

  Author: NikMan | Category: Portuguese language | 9th December 2011  

What school did you attend?

Writing: Que escola frequentas?

I attended primary school ....

Writing: Frequento a escola primaria .....


Writing: Liceu

What do you study?

Writing: O quê que estudas?

I study Sociology

Writing: Estudo Sociologia

I'm an economist

Writing: Sou um economista


Writing: Informatica


Writing: Lei

Where do you work?

Writing: Onde trabalhas?

I work for Gorenje company?

Writing: Trabalho na empresa Gorenje

What do you do?

Writing: O que fazes?

I work in the accounting department

Writing: Trabalho no departamento de contabilidade

Director / CEO

Writing: Gerente


Writing: Advogado


Writing: Contabilista

Reception and Secretary

Writing: Recepcionista e secretaria

Department of acquisitions

Writing: Departamento de aquisições


Writing: Venda


Writing: Armazém

Construction worker

Writing: Construção civil

I've been working for six years

Writing: Estou trabalhando á seis anos

I'm lookin for an employment

Writing: Estou á procura de emprego

I'm uneymployed

Writing: Estou desempregado

I quit

Writing: Demito-me
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