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Add a Hologram Effect to a Photo Using Photoshop

This time we will add a person to another photo and make them appear like a hologram from sci-fi movies. Have fun!

  Author: NikMan | Version: CS5 | 3rd October 2013 |  

Open a photo of a person you want to turn into a hologram.

I've chosen the captain of the Starship Enterprise :)


Choose the Quick Selection Tool (W for a keyboard shortcut).


Make a selection around the person.

In the menu click Edit and choose Copy.

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Now open an image where our hologram will appear.


In the menu click  Filter, Blur and choose Gaussian Blur...

Set Radius to 4 pixels and click OK.


In the menu click Layer, New Adjustment Layer and choose Curves...

Click OK.

Create the same curve as I did and click OK.


In the menu click LayerNew Adjustment Layer and choose Photo Filter...

Click OK.

Choose a blue color and set Density to 25 % then confirm the changes.


Set the Blending Mode to Lighten (see picture).


In the menu click Edit and choose Paste, to paste the layer you copied in step 3.

Then click Edit choose Free Transform and adjust the size of the person so it will fit into the scene (see picture).

Press Enter when done.


Now duplicate the layer twice by pressing Ctrl (Cmd in MacOS) + J two times.

Then hide the two duplicated layers and select the original layer (see picture), set the Opacity to 60%.

To hide the layers simply click the little eye icons next to them.


In the menu click Layer, Layer Style and choose Outer Glow...

In the new window choose the same settings as I did.

Don't close the window yet ...


Click Inner Glow and again choose the same settings as I did.

Now click OK.


Select the first duplicated layer and make it visible again (see picture).


In the menu click Filter, Blur and choose Gaussian Blur...

In the new window set Radius to 9 pixels and click OK.


Set the layer's Blending Mode to Soft Light (see picture).


We need to create a custom pattern to make the final result look legit.

Create a new document with dimensions of 1 x 10 pixels and Transparent as Background Contents option (see picture).

In the menu click File and choose New...


Press M key to choose the Rectangular Marquee Tool and select the upper half of the rectangle.


In the menu click Edit and choose Fill...

In the new window set Use to Black and click OK.


In the menu click Select and choose Deselect.

In the menu click Edit and choose Define Pattern...

In the new window enter a name of your choice and click OK.


Set the Blending Mode to Color Burn and Opacity to 30% (see picture).


Click Add layer mask.


In the menu click Edit and choose Fill...

Choose Pattern for Use in and then choose the pattern you created in previous steps, click OK.


Set the Blending Mode to Color Burn and Opacity to 30% (see picture).



Does anyone know which movie I chose the background from? :)

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