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How to put video in text using Adobe Premiere

You probably seen video where clips are playing in a title text and made you wondered how the heck to they do that. Well it's pretty easy to create the video in text effect with Adobe Premiere.

  Author: mat | Version: CS5 | 6th July 2013 |  

In Adobe Premiere open an existing or a new video project. If you created a new project then import a video clip (Ctrl +I)  you want to play it in a text.

If you are not quite sure how to create a new project and import a video go here first:


Right-click the empty area bellow your imported clip, then click New Item and choose Title.


In the Title edit window, click in the window and type the title you want to play the text in.


Choose a heavy bold font so the video will be visible.


Choose the Selection Tool (V for a keyboard shortcut) ...


... and resize and move the video as you wish.


Close the Title edit window.


Now right-click the Title you just created (see picture) ...


... and choose Duplicate.


Double-click the new Title Copy ...


... a Title editing window should open. Now choose Ghost as a Fill Type (see picture).

Your title will turn black, don't worry that's how it should be.

Close the Title edit window.


Let's now drag the clip and two titles onto the time line.

Click, hold the video clip ...


... and drag then drop it to Video 2 on the time line (see picture).


Move the original title to Video 3 and the copy of the title to Video 1 on the time line (see picture).


Now we need to apply an effect to the video clip.

Click the Effect tab, Video Effect and choose Keying (see picture).

If you don't see the Effects tab, click Window in the menu and enable Effects.


Now find the Track Matte Key, click it ...


... and drag it to the video clip (see picture).


Now go to Effect Controls, open the Track Matte Key and choose Video 3 as Matte (see picture).


That's it that's all, as I promised pretty easy, right?

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