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Set the right size for your Premiere video project

I will show you how to set the right project size for your video clips and how to save them, so the resolution of clips doesn't change in Adobe Premiere.

  Author: mat | Version: CS5 | 17th November 2011 |  

The purpose of this lesson is to gain the feeling with choosing the right resolution and to avoid the possible black edges in your video projects.

In Windows Explorer find your video clip, right click and choose Properties.


Click Detail tab and memorize Frame width and Frame Height settings.

1280 x 720 in my case, which is also 16:9 Wide screen ratio.

You can leave the Properties Window open so you don't need to memorize the settings really.


Now open Adobe Premiere, create a New Project, rename it and click OK.


Choose DV - PAL  and Widescreen 48kHz if your clip's in a widescreen format or Standard 48kHz if your clip's in a standard 4:3 format.


Click General tab and choose Desktop for the Editing Mode.

Enter the right Frame Sizes of your video clip.

1280 horizontal and 720 vertical in my case.

Choose the other settings the same way I did and click OK.


Let's now import the clip.

Press Ctrl + I, choose your clip and click Open.


Drag the imported clip to Video1 timeline and go mad with your editing.


After you're done editing your video project, press Ctrl+M to export the video.

Set Format to Windows Media, choose the right Preset for your clip and click the link next to Output Name, choose the saving location and enter the name of your video.

My clip was in  HDTV 720p format so I chose the HDTV 720p 24 High Quality Preset. You can always choose Match Sequence Settings and let the Premiere choose the appropriate settings.


Click the Output tab and use the slider to see how your end result will look like. If you like what you see, click Export and wait for the encoding to end.


The video has been created, just look for it in the location you chose in step 8.

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