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School and Work

Education is an important aspect of everyone's life, let us learn how to say some basic education related stuff in Italian language.

  Author: NikMan | Category: Italian language | 12th November 2013  

What school do you go to?

Writing: Che scuola frequentate?

I attend the elementary school of Majda Vrhovnik

Writing: Frequento la scuola elementare di Majda Vrhovnik

High School

Writing: Scuola media

What do you study?

Writing: In cosa vi laureate?

I study Sociology

Writing: Mi laureo in sociologia

I have a degree in economics

Writing: Sono laureato in economia


Writing: Informatica


Writing: Legge

Where do you work?

Writing: Dove lavorate?

I work in company Gorenje

Writing: Lavoro nella compagnia Gorenje

What do you do?

Writing: Che cosa fate?

I work in computer department

Writing: Lavoro nel reparto di ragioneria


Writing: Direttore


Writing: Avvocato


Writing: Ragioneria

Reception and the Secretariat

Writing: Ufficio di ricevimento e segretariato

Acquisitions department

Writing: Reparto acquisizioni


Writing: Marketing


Writing: Magazzino


Writing: Operaio

I have been working here for six years.

Writing: Sto lavorando giĆ  sei anni

I am looking for a job

Writing: Sto cercando lavoro

I am unemployed

Writing: Sono disoccupato

I resign

Writing: Mi dimetto
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