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  How to remove sound from a video in Premiere
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3rd Mar 2013, 12:00 AM
Let me show you how you not only disable a sound in a video clip, but how you completely remove it using Adobe Premiere.

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5th Sep 2023, 10:19 AM
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6th Sep 2023, 11:09 AM
Open Adobe Premiere Pro and create a new project. Import the video clip with the unwanted sound by going to File Import. In the Project Panel, right-click on your video clip and choose "New Sequence from Clip." This will create a sequence with the same settings as your video clip.
changed: andreen (6th Sep 2023, 11:10 AM)
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2nd Feb 2024, 12:20 PM
Thanks for this tutorial. Can we add another sound to a video?
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