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Using cyborgs for space exploration?

Humans wouldn't last long in space without significant technological assistance, does that mean we need to alter human biology to prepare it for future space travels?

  Author: mat | Source: dailygalaxy.com | 28th November 2011  

NASA has just recently sent a sophisticated robotic explorer vehicle called Curiosity Rover to Mars. It's going to gather even more valuable data then it's predecessors Spirit and Opportunity, without endangering the human crew.

Scientists say, before the year 2020 we'll be lunching intelligent space robots that will be venturing and exploring the vast universe for us.  Humans on the other hand are not "built" for extreme and hostile conditions that dominate the space. Roger Launius, senior curator at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum said, if we are to colonize the other planets, we could require the "next state of human evolution" or create a separate human presence where families will live and die on that planet.

Meaning, the man and a machine could form a humanoid or cyborg if you will that will be able to resists the long travels and different "living" conditions on other planets in our universe. But how far are we willing to go with those kind of experiments of altering the human biology and body is a whole another question.


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