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Add coffee stain to a photo with 3 clicks in Gimp

You might not know that, but Gimp comes with a number of pretty cool filters/actions and a realistic looking coffee stain is one of them.

  Author: mat | Version: 2.8.0 | 24th February 2014 |  

Open a photo in Gimp.

In the menu click Filters, Decor and choose Coffee Stain...


Choose the number of coffee stains you want them to appear on the photo and click OK.


And that's it! 


You have your coffee stains arranged in layers.

You can change the opacity of the layers, blending modes and basically everything you want to make them fit on your photo.

Press Ctrl + L if you don't see the Layers.


To move the coffee stain, choose the Move Tool and drag it where ever you want it.

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