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How to easily capture screen images

We will learn LightShot program, which allows the easy way to capture images from a particular part of our display.

  Author: Brodjan | Version: | 21st January 2014 |  

Click here to download LightShot application.

Click Download button, depending on which operating system you are using.

I am using Windows so I have chosen Dowload for Windows.


Click Accept the licence and download for Windows.


Click Save file.


When the download is complete click Run to install the application.

You can use default settings for installation.


The installation is complete.


Click Finish.


To start the application press Prt sc (Print screen).

Now select the area you want to have in the picture.

Press Copy icon.

Now you can paste the picture to any program (Paint, Word,...)


One of the options is also direct transfer to the web.

Click Upload icon.


In window below you will see the link to your picture on the website.

You can also click Open to see the website.


You will be able to see your picture on the website.

If you want to share the picture, you can just send the web address to your friends.

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