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How to open and resize a picture in Pixlr

Pixlr is a free and probably the best web based image editor. I will show you how to open and and resize an image, I'm sure you will be impressed how well the web app actually works.

  Author: NikMan | Version: # | 25th July 2013 |  

Click here to open http://pixlr.com/editor/.

After that click on Open image from computer.


Explorer window will pop up, where you select the random photograph, stored on your computer and then click on Open.


Photograph will be opened in Pixlr editor.

Now click above on Image and select Image size...


Image Size windows will appear where you can set a new dimensions for a photograph and after that confirm it by clicking on OK button.


You image will be resized and you can see the dimensions on photograph window (see the pic).

You can press the Alt (option on MacOS) key and use mouse scroller for zooming.


Now click above on File and select Save...

Select My computer ...


... name you new resized picture as you wish.

Press Save button.


Explorer window will appear where you just confirm the directory for saving and that's it.

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