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How to set color picker in Mozilla Firefox

In this lesson we will get to know Firefox extension, that allows you to look exactly which color was used for the selected item at any website.

  Author: Brodjan | Version: 26.0 | 20th January 2014 |  

Click here to download Rainbow Color Tools.

Click Add to Firefox.


Click Install Now.


After installation you must restart Firefox browser.


After restarting you will notice rainbow icon in an upper right corner.


Now if you go with the mouse cursor over any element on the site you will see which color has been used.

If you click on the element you will copy the color of the element and you can paste and use the color in any other image editor.


If you click arrow next to rainbow you will also see some other options.

Select Website Analyzer for example.


The application will analyse current website and will show you the most frequently used colors on the page.

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