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Instant eyedropper tool for your desktop

Sweet and useful little program that lets you find out the html color code for every color on your desktop.

  Author: mat | Version: 1.75 | 18th October 2012 |  

Click here to visit the Instant Eyedropper website and click the Download Instant Eydropper.


When downloaded, launch the InstantEyedropper installation file ...


... and proceed with installation.

It's pretty straight forward, all you basically need to do is click Next a few times and Install at the end.


Start the new Instant Eyedropper program.


In the windows Taskbar find the Instant Eyedropper tray icon (see picture) ...


.. now click and hold the icon so the colorpicker with the html color number pops up (see picture).

Continue holding the mouse button ...


... and just go over the color on your desktop you want the html color code of and release the mouse button.

When I say desktop I mean everything that is on your desktop, including active windows, not only a wallpaper.


As you released the mouse button the color code of the color you pointed on automatically copied to your clipboard (temporary memory).

You can now paste it into your favorite graphic program like Gimp or Photoshop, or use it in your html web code.

I've pasted into the Gimp colorpicker ...


... and I got the same color I was pointing my mouse on.


For more options of the Instant Eyedropper simply right click the icon.

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