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How to leave the color in Adobe Premiere

In this lesson I will show you hot to leave a specified color in video clip. This is a very useful option if you want to highlight a specific part in the video.

  Author: Brodjan | Version: Adobe Premiere | 16th November 2013 |  

Open new project and import any video.


Drag the video to Timeline at Video 1. Selet the video.


Under Effects select Video Effects, Color Correction and select Leave Color...


...and drag it to Effect Controls.


Open Leave Color and select Eyedropper Tool...


...and than select in video picture color you want to leave. In my case this is the yellow sun light.


I have set the Amount of Decor to 90% and Tolerance to 16%.

Experiment a bit with the settings.


We are done.

In my case the only color that left is the yellow light of the sun.

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