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How to share your Dropbox content with others

Dropbox is an amazing cloud based web service enabling you to store your stuff like pictures and documents and access them from any device with an Internet connection. Plus you can share the stored items with others.

  Author: mat | Version: | 17th July 2013 |  

Sign in to your Dropbox account.

Go to the folder or file you want to share with other people ...


... right-click it and choose Share link.


Enter the email of a person you want to share the content with, and drop them a short message as well.

You can share your Dropbox items with more than one people at once, simply enter all the email addresses and separate them with a coma.

Click Send when done.


People you send the link to will then get this kind of an email, and all they need to do to access the content you share, is to click on the link.

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NikMan, 18th Jul 2013, 2:52 AM
Can I limit sharing only to few users?
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scArlrta, 31st Jan 2024, 12:07 PM
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urvaashi, 2nd Feb 2024, 7:12 AM
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