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100,000 Stars Google Chrome project

A beautiful and amazing  interactive visualization of our stellar system made for the Google Chrome web browser.

  Author: Spaceman | Source: workshop.chromeexperiments.com | 20th November 2012  

This kind of projects are exactly why I love Google. This truly amazing interactive 3D visualization created by Google to showcase the HTML5 capabilities of the Google Chrome browsers shows the location of 119,617 stars of our solar system and the nearest star system, 4.3 light years from us, Alpha Centauri.

If you are a space fan this really will blow up your mind. With the drag of a mouse and scrolling the wheel, you move across the galaxy, zoom in and out and discover all the stars derived from the multiple sources. If you want to know more about a certain star, then simply click it. If you Zoom long enough you will end up with the Sun glowing in its full HTML5 glory.

You can watch the promo in the video bellow or better go directly to the 100,000 Stars Google Chrome project. It does work in other browsers that support HTML5 as well, but it's optimized to work, look and sound its best in Google Chrome, taking advantage of WebGL, CSS3D and Web Audio support.


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NikMan, 20th Nov 2012, 11:53 AM
This is awesome really. It's working really good also in Firefox, only scrolling not. But the side bar is just good for that. Incerdible, I have randomlly selected one part of galaxy and selected one star.

And voila, there is lots of info for that star too

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