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  Windows 8 and 2880 X 1620 pixel high resolution displays
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6th Nov 2013, 10:21 AM
I'm considering replacing my trusty Lenovo ThinkPad 520 with a new Lenovo ThinkPad 540 rocking the 3K IPS (2880 x 1620 pixels) screen.

And I am wondering, how does Windows 8 handle this kind of high resolutions when in desktop mode or in general? In Windows 7 if you go higher than 1680 x 1050 on a 15,6" screen or even 17" you sure have a lot of workspace, but the icons, text and other interface features became so small you really have hard time reading and seeing them. And yes, I know you can reduce the resolution, but that really isn't the point is it.

Mac OS X for example handles this kind of huge resolutions amazingly good and so do all the smartphone OS' like Android, iOS, even Windows Phone 8. Did they fix this with Windows 8 and 8.1?

changed: mat (6th Nov 2013, 9:47 PM)
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6th Nov 2013, 1:12 PM
I think they have complained about Yoga 2's high resolution that is kind of not manageable in desktop mode. But I am not sure how operating systems handle four times higher resolutions.

I mean icons, menus etc.. Maybe drivers from lenovo can do something to make it easier?
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6th Nov 2013, 8:57 PM
Windows 8 already supports scaling of user interface for high density displays which I believe is limited to 150%.

But this was improved in Windows 8.1. You now also have an option two use 200% scaling which should give you better readability. Also using 200% scaling enables pixel-doubling which provides a clear and crisp appearance for images and text.

So I think if you will use Windows 8.1 you should do just fine.

changed: podtalje (7th Nov 2013, 4:57 AM)
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7th Nov 2013, 1:05 AM
Thanks a bunch, that helped a lot, I'm 95% sure I'm getting the notebook.
changed: mat (7th Nov 2013, 9:05 AM)
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