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  Can i play Command & Conquer 1 on modern computers?
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9th Dec 2012, 2:44 AM

I really wan't to play again one of the best strategy games for PC again. But there is a problem. Game was released in 1995 and today's computers are just too fast. Can I somehow play that game again on Windows 8 and normally just like in good old days?

The game is free and available to download from EA's official site: http://www.ea.com/pc-download/cnc

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10th Dec 2012, 5:34 AM
I think you can and it is customized for modern computers. I mean the latest version which is Windows compatible and you should run it in Compatibility mode.

1. Left click in game app and select Properties
2. Then click on Tab Compatibility and select Windows 95.
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3rd Nov 2013, 9:30 AM
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