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Playstation 3 hardrive replacement

Upgrading or replacing broken hard drive in your PS3 is quite simple. Easier then in most of the PCs for sure.

  Author: mat | Category: Computers | 9th October 2011 |  

You will need a small cross screwdriver and a new 2.5" hard drive.

The is a lesson for PS3 Slim device.

5400 rpm hard drive is suppose to be recommended.


Turn off, unplug your PS3 and place it belly up.


You will notice a small cover plate you can uncover with your nails or carefully with a screwdriver.


Unscrew the screw that was hiding under the cover.


Now face the front of the PS3...


...and remove the plastic cover on the front.


You will notice the the hard drive box.

Hold it with your fingers ...


... and carefully pull it out.


Hard drive is in the box.

Unscrew all four screws.

Some screws might be really tightened in there be careful with those so you don't ruin the screws.


Remove the disk from the box.


And put the new one carefully back inside.

The easiest way to insert it is with one side first, like you can see it on my picture.


Screw it back together.


Put it back into the slot.


Make the final push with your finger to secure it into the right place (see picture).


Put on the plastic cover.


Tighten the screw on the bottom side of the PS3...


... and closer the plastic cover plate.

For any further questions don't hesitate to use the forum ...

  Playstation 3 hardrive replacement
Computers | 9th October 2011 | Author: mat
Upgrading or replacing broken hard drive in your PS3 is quite simple. Easier then in most of the PCs for sure.
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NikMan, 20th Mar 2012, 12:28 AM
That tutorial helped me a lot. Thnx
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mat, 20th Mar 2012, 1:28 PM
No prob NikMan, I'm glad it helped.
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