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Oldest prehistoric town in Europe discovered

In Bulgaria archaeologists discovered the oldest prehistoric town in Europe and it is suppose to be nearly 7,000 years old.

  Author: mat | Source: telegraph.co.uk | 1st November 2012  

The ancient settlement, that goes by the name of Provadia-Solnitsata has been inhabitant by roughly 350 people. The ruins of the prehistoric town, have been dug up in the proximity of town called Provadia, close to the Black Sea resort of Varna. Town dates  back to between 4,7000 and 4,200BC (Before Christ), which means it's more than 1,000 years older than ancient civilization of Greece.

Archaeologists believe that the main reason for development of Provadia-Solnitsata was Salt, which value in those days was pretty much the same to the value of gold. Nearby they found one of the biggest rock-salt deposits in southern Europe. Researcher in Bulgaria's National Institute of Archeology, Vasil Nikolov said, "Salt was an extremely valued commodity in ancient times, as it was both necessary for people's lives and was used as a method of trade and currency starting from the sixth millennium BC up to 600 BC" 


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