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How to receive emails from your other Gmail accounts

If you want to centralize all your Gmail accounts into a one main account you use the most, you can set up mail forwarding.

  Author: mat | Version: | 31st October 2012 |  

Login into you Gmail account from where you want all the emails to be forward to your main Gmail account.

Click the email settings button and choose Settings.


Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP and then click Add a forwarding address button.


Now enter the email address where all the emails should be forwarded to and click Next ...


... click Proceed to confirm the email ...


... and you got a message saying that the confirmation code has been sent to the email address you just entered.

Click OK.


Login to your Gmail account where all the emails are going to be forwarded to, and there should be a Gmail Team email containing confirmation code/link already waiting for you.

Open the email ...


... and click the link that will automatically allow the emails to be forwarded to this account.

There is also a Confirmation code that you can use in case the link for some reason does not work.


Confirmation success, hopefully.


Now go back to the Gmail account you logged to in the first place, the one that will forward all the messages to your main account.

Again go to Settings then Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

If you were already in the Forwarding and POP/IMAP settings, refresh/reload the page (F5).

To activate the Forwarding of all the emails from this account, choose the Forward a copy of incoming mail to option ...


... and choose what should happen to the emails that get forwarded to another account.

If you want them to stay in the unread state in the account you are forwarding them from then choose keep Gmail's copy in the Inbox. In case you want them to be marked as read, then choose mark Gmail's copy as read.

You can set the emails to get automatically archived or even delete them after the forward.

This are all settings regarding the email account you are forwarding the emails from.


All you have to do now, is click Save Changes and after that all the emails that will get address to your other account will also be forwarded to your main Gmail account you specified at the step 3 of this tutorial.

If you want to send and reply emails from your main Gmail, as some other address, in this case the address that you are getting your emails forwarded from, then click here  to find out how to do that.

You can also label all the emails that got forwarded to your main account, so you can easily spot them, click here for the Gmail labels tutorial.

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