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How to upload images from your cumputer to Gmail

In Gmail there is no insert/upload image option by default. Let me show you how to enable the option so you can upload and insert an image into the email or insert an image by providing url.

  Author: mat | Version: | 27th October 2012 |  

Login to your Gmail account, click the Settings button and choose Settings (see pictures).


On the Settings page, click Labs.


Scroll down until you see the Inserting images option (see picture) ...


... and choose Enable.


Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.


Now go and compose a new email. In the email rich text toolbar, there should now be the Insert Image button, click it (see picture).


You can now upload an image from you computer by choosing the My Computer option and clicking into the empty field or the Browse button.

Choose the image you want to insert into your email ...

If you want to insert an image that's already on the Internet, then choose the Web address (URL) option and provide the link (URL) to that image.


... and click OK.


The image should now be in you email.

If you click it ...


... a few image options show up (see picture).

You can choose how big or small the image should be and you can remove it by clicking Remove.

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