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How to share a Google Document

Google Docs or these days Google Drive can make collaborating with your colleagues or friends much easier by sharing Google Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Pictures or a whole folder.

  Author: mat | Version: | 21st October 2012 |  

Open Google Docs, or Google Drive for that matter.

If you want to synchronize the files and folders in Google Docs with your computer then you need to activate Google Drive. Click here for the tutorial on how to do that.


Right click the document you want to share with others, click Share... and choose Share...

You can share basically any object you have in your Google Docs storage, Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Form, picture, folder, ...


Sharing settings show up, here is link for the object you want to share but only the people you allow them will be able to see or edit the document.


Bellow you there are people who can access my document. At this point it's only me for I am the owner of the document.


A little lower click to enter the emails of the people you want them to access your document.

You can add as many people as you want. You can also start typing their names and if your already exchanged emails with them, Google should find them automatically.

If you want to enter a message for the people you are sharing the document with, simply click Add message and enter the message.


On the right next to the people you are sharing the document with click Can edit and choose the option.

Can edit means, the person can change and edit the document.
Can comment means, the person can only comment, but cannot change the content of the document.
Can view means, the person can only read the document, but cannot comment or change its content.


When you are done adding the collaborators, click Share & save.


And there's my new collaborator in the list of people that I am sharing my document with.


You can always change how the person can access your stuff and when you don't want them to access the documents anymore, simply click the remove button on right (see picture).


When you are done adding all the collaborators, click Done.

People you chose to access your documents, already got the email notifying them you shared some stuff with them and they also got a direct link so they can access your shares right away.

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