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How to remove the sky behind the trees

You will learn a very simple way to remove the background sky behind the trees and their leads in Photoshop.

  Author: NikMan | Version: CS5 | 19th October 2012 |  

Open a photo with trees and a sky.


Choose the Background Eraser Tool.

Click and hold the mouse on the Eraser Tool until other available tools show up.


In tool bar above set Limits to Discontiquous (see picture).

If you choose Contiquous, Photoshop only removes the color spectrum around the color you will choose in Step 6.


Set the Tolerance to 70%, you can always change that value later on.

Also set the Sampling to Once (left to the Limits option).


Right click the document and set a the Size for the eraser you will use to delete the background.


Click the sky area (see picture) ...


..., hold the mouse button and start erasing background by dragging the mouse.


Photoshop should take care for the most of the background but usually there will be still some parts that did not match the color you chose in the Step 6.

To get rid of the rest, click the part that still needs to be removed and ...


... again drag your mouse to erase that area.

You should by now gotten rid of most if not all the background on your photo. If there's still some left simply repeat the procedure.


Hope you find the tutorial useful, I know I do ;)

In case you accidentally erased the parts you didn't want to erase, use the History Brush Tool. For more info, click the Comment and let us know.

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