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Put a mp3 song as a ringtone on Samsung Galaxy S2

I will show you how to copy a mp3 song to your phone in Windows 7 without the help of Kies and set it as a ringtone on Galaxy SII.

  Author: mat | Version: 4.0.3 | 8th October 2012 |  

Connect your Samsung Galaxy S2 to you computer via USB cable.


If you get to choose if you want to connect as Media Device or Camera, then choose Media Device otherwise, bring down the notifications ...


... and make sure you are Connected as a media device.

To make sure tap the Ongoing option ...


... and choose Media device (MTP).


Now go to your Windows computer, wait a bit for the smartphone drivers to install, then open Windows Explorer (press Windows key + E for a keyboard shorctut) and find your Galaxy S2 device under Computer.

In most cases it's GT-I9100. Click to open it ...


... click Ringtones ...


... and paste an mp3 file you want as your ringtone into the Ringtones folder.


Go back to the S2, press the menu button and choose Settings.

Menu button is the touch button left of the center Home button.


Tap Sound.


Tap Phone ringtone.


Now find the song you just uploaded to the Galaxy S2, tap it and tap OK to confirm it.

Your next call should now be ringing as your favorite mp3 song.

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