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How to submit a Programs tutorial to Dreevoo.com

Submitting tutorials to Dreevoo.com is simple and can be done real quick. Here is a tutorial to show you how easy it really is to submit a software related tutorial, plus you get paid.

  Author: mat | Version: | 2nd October 2012 |  

Click here for the tutorial on how to create images for the tutorial or lesson you want to submit.

Go to Submit.

Click here to go to Submit directly.


You can now choose what you want to submit to dreevoo.

If you made a computer or smartphone software related tutorial tutorial, like Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Apple iOS or any other application or program then choose Computer lesson.

For your every published tutorial you get 6 Tokens added to your account, you can then use for advertising your skills, company, brand or whatever you want as long as it's legal and not porn.


You are now in the Dreevoo submitting interface and I presume you have all the tutorial related images ready.

First choose the Category.

I'm submitting the tutorial showing how to update an iPhone to iOS6, so I've chosen Mobile platforms > iOS category.

Enter the Title of the tutorial. Keep it simple short yet informative. If you want you can also set the date when this tutorial should be published.


Enter a short description explaining what the hole wide world will learn following your tutorial.


If the app, program or the system has a version, enter the version as well.

For instance something that works in Photoshop CS5 doesn't necessarily work in the older CS3 version. 

Choose the Thumbnail image that will be visible on the Dreevoo homepage. Click Browse or the entry field ...


... and choose the 96 x 96 thumbnail image with a name Image0.jpg if you made the images using CIM.


Now go further down and upload the first picture showing the first step of your tutorial or lesson.

Again click Browse or the entry field ...


... and choose the first step image with a name Image1 if you used the CIM for creating tutorial images.


Then the second step and so on.


When done choosing the step-by-step images of your tutorial, click Update and save content.

All the images you selected should now be uploaded.


Now that you got your images ready an loaded, all you need to do is enter short descriptions explaining what the user who is following your instructions should do next.

Remember, something that is obvious to you, doesn't meant it is that obvious to the user who is reading your instructions.


If the user should click something, make that bold by selecting the text and clicking the Bold button (see picture).


Like this.


And if you are explaining something as an addition to the certain step of the tutorial, select the text, click the Text Color button and choose the same grey color as I did (see picture).


Like that.


If the user at some should use the right mouse button, select the right click, make it bold and choose the same green color as I did.


Like this.


When you are all done, click Update and save content.


Your tutorial is now submitted to Dreevoo.com and waiting in line to be checked and approved by our Administrators then published to Dreevoo homepage.

Until the tutorial sits and waits for the approval, you can still change it and edit it at will. Again go to Submit and click Modify submitted content.


You are now in your Tutorials repository. If the tutorial is not approved to be published yet you can change it by clicking Edit.


You can now Edit the tutorial at will. If you want to remove a certain image and text, choose the Remove text and picture option (see picture) and click Update and save content button.

Submit your guides and tutorials to be a part of our knowledge sharing community. As we cherish every bit of knowledge you contribute you will also get a reward and together we can build the biggest online learning resource on the whole world wide web.

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