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Share your iPhone without worrying freinds being nosy

iOS6 comes with a great new feature you can use to password lock an app or only a part of the app so you can hand over your iPhone to other people without worrying they will do or find something you don't want.

  Author: Sheeva | Version: iOS 6 | 30th September 2012 |  

Open Settings.


Tap General.


Tap Accessibility.


Tap Guided Access.


Turn On Guided Access.


Let's now set up a password anyone who will want the full access to your iPhone will have to enter.

Tap Set Passcode.


Enter a passcode number ...


... and again enter the same code to confirm it.


Let's now see how this thing work.

Go back to the apps screen and launch a random app.


Now press the center home button 3 times.


Guided Access settings should show up.

You can now tap Start immediately, meaning people who use your iPhone will only be able to use the selected app and nothing else.

If you want to restrict part of the app, just select the parts of the app you don't want people to use (see picture) and tap Start.


If you now try to use the part you selected in the previous step it won't work, like in my case, taping the selected buttons.

If you press the home button it won't work, you only get a notification Guided Access being turned on and that you have to press the Home button 3 times to deactivate the Guided Access.


To deactivate the Guided Access press the iPhone Home button 3 times in a row to recall the passcode. Now enter the code you setup in step 7.


And tap End.


To show you where this can come in handy is when you hand out the phone to people and want them to only see the photos and nothing else.

To do that, open Photos go to the album you want to show and press the Home button 3 times like we did before and press the Start button.


To restrict the Photo app access even more, before clicking Start, select the parts of the app you don't want other to use.

That way you can restrict it to only one album.


And press Start.


You can now pass the iPhone to your friends or anyone else without worrying that they will see photos you don't want them to see.

To exit the restricted mode, just press the iPhone Home button 3 times and enter the passcode then tap End.

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KimmyK, 1st Oct 2012, 6:38 AM
That's a great feature, sometimes people get all excited and finger happy when I only want them only to see a few selected pictures on my iPhone.

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