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Take a dive into the Ocean with Google Street View

Google Street View Maps expanded into the ocean. You can now explore beautiful reefs and swim with exotic underwater creatures without getting wet.

  Author: TheDude | Source: maps.google.com | 27th September 2012  

If you like ocean and exotic underwater world then you are going to love this Google Maps Street View novelty. After adding Wonders of Antarctica Google decided to go under water. You get to explore magnificent places like Great Barrier Reefs in Australia, Maui in Hawaii or Dauin in Philippines.

Beautiful images were taken with a special 360-degree panoramic underwater camera and were made possible with the help of The Catlin Seaview Survey - a game-changing scientific study of coral reefs.

Check out the promo video made by Google for the occasion.

To take a dive into the stunning underwater world and start exploring around the reefs click here. We really do hope it will help people realize the beauty and  importance of the reefs for the ocean's ecosystem. The Great Barrier Reef has also been added to the Google's World Wonders Project, click here to find out more.


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NikMan, 27th Sep 2012, 1:49 AM
OK, this is too much. Google is awesome. Now people can visit these places without destroying the nature and pollute the Earth! Awesome!
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podtalje, 27th Sep 2012, 12:01 PM
But it is never the same if you compare it to the real experience.

When you will try diving or even snorkeling on coral reefs you will see the difference.

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