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Watch movies on Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3's screen is so beautiful that not watching movies on it is almost ridiculous. And if you own some other type of a smartphone than this tutorial is meant for you as well.

  Author: NikMan | Version: 4.0 | 28th August 2012 |  

Download and install Format Factory application, you can find it here.

When done, open Format Factory and click Option button.


Set a font for the subtitles.

I chose Arial because it's a clean and simple font suitable for subtitles.

Click OK.


Click All to Custom in the Video section.


In the new window click Output Settings.


A new window where you can adjust the video settings opens.

Choose the same settings as I did (see picture).

If you own some other phone than Samsung Galaxy S3 you need to choose the right settings. You can find these by visiting the GSMArena Web page and looking for your phone.


When done with the settings click Save As.


Enter the name for your new profile and click OK.


Now choose your new profile and click OK.


Your new profile is set now click Add File.


Choose the movie you want to convert and put to your Galaxy S3 (or any other smartphone for that matter) and click OK.


The video has been added, now click Option.


In this windows you can see how the movie you are converting will look like.


In my case there is a tiny black edge at the top of the video that's why I chose the Crop option and selected the "good" part of the video.

I selected everything but the black edge at the top.

Click OK.


Again click OK.

You can add more videos for conversion if you want.

Click Start.


Video conversion of videos can run for an hour, it all depends on the length and how powerful your computer is.

When conversion is finished click the Output Folder.


Plugin your phone to the computer via USB cable.


In Windows Explorer, choose the converted movie in the output folder (step 16) and press Ctrl + C to copy it.


In the Windows Explorer open the folder on your Galaxy S3 that you can find in GT-9300, Phone and Movies.

Press Ctrl + V to paste the video in the Movies folder.


Unplug the USB cable, open the Gallery on your S3 and start playing the movie.

Now when you are waiting in a line or you are traveling on a plane, train or even a car you can watch and enjoy the movie.

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