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Add a folded paper and vignette effect in Gimp

In this Gimp tutorial I will show you how to add a folded paper texture to a photograph and how to add a simple and subtle vignette effect on top.

  Author: mat | Version: 2.8.0 | 15th August 2012 |  

Open a photograph you want to add a folded paper texture to.


Click here to download the black folder paper texture image and open it in Gimp.

Press Ctrl + C to copy the folded paper texture ...


... go to your original photo and press Ctrl + V to paste the folded paper texture.

In the menu click Layer, Transform and choose Rotate 90° clockwise.


We need to resize re folded paper layer so it will fit the photograph.

Choose the Scale Tool.


Click the folded paper texture and start resizing it by dragging on the squares so it will fit your photograph.

Click Scale.


Like this.


Now set the Mode of the paper layer to Screen, Opacity to about 70, then right click the paper layer and choose To New Layer (see picture).


This is it for the folded paper photo effect, let's now add a subtle vignette effect as well.

Press D to set the black foreground color.


In the menu click Layer and chose New Layer... (Shift + Ctrl + N for a keyboard shortcut).

Choose the Foreground color as a Layer Fill Type and click OK.


Choose Soft light for the new layer's Mode.


Right click the new black layer and choose Add Layer Mask...

Choose the White (full opacity) option and click Add.


This is how your layers should look like at the moment.


Choose the Ellipse Select Tool ...


... and make a selection similar to mine.


Choose the Bucket Fill Tool ...


... and click into the selection.

Mind you, foreground color needs to be set to black.

The selected area should now become a bit lighter than the rest.

In the menu click Select and choose None (Shift + Ctrl + A for a keyboard shortcut).


In the menu click Filters, Blur and choose Gaussian Blur...

Set the Blur Radius accordingly to the size of your photograph. Mine was pretty big so I decided to go with the 210 px blur radius.

Click OK.


Only thing left to do is to set the vignette layer opacity to about 40 ...


... and you are done!

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davi9x, 13th Jul 2023, 11:12 AM
That's it! You've successfully added a folded paper texture and a vignette effect to your photograph using GIMP. Feel free to adjust the settings and experiment with different textures and https://amandatheadventurergame.io effects to achieve your desired look.

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foukya46, 14th Jul 2023, 11:15 PM
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