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How 3D printing changed little girl's life

Heart warming example on how the technology, 3D printing to be precise, made for the little girl possible to give hugs.

  Author: mat | Source: zeitnews.org | 14th August 2012  

You are probably familiar with the capabilities of modern 3D printers, if not it should be enough to tell you they can actually print out a fully functional tools like a wrench, or flute you can play music on not to mention entire cars.

But there is one particular very special 3D printing device, which was created to help people who suffer from arthrogryposis, condition that leaves muscles underdeveloped to the extent, the affected people do not have the strength to move or lift their own limbs. The device goes by the name of WREX (Wilmington Robotic Exoskeleton) and it helped the little girl Ema Lavelle to lift her arms and hug her mom.

Watch the moving video where Ema beats the sometimes cruel nature with the help of WREX. The cool thing is, as she grows bigger the CAD files used as a blue print for 3D printer can be adjusted so they will fit her size.


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