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How to upgrade your Mac to OS X Mountain Lion

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is out and ready for download. If you are willing to invest $20 and an hour of your time to upgrade you Mac computer, you won't be sorry.

  Author: mat | Version: 10.8 | 25th July 2012 |  

In order to upgrade your mac, first it needs to meet some basic requirements, click here to see if your Mac is ready to be updated to Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

If you are Mountain Lion ready, then click the Apple icon and choose App Store...


You should see the OS X Mountain Lion in the App Store right away, click it.

As you can see the upgrade will cost you $20.


If you don't see the OS X Mountain Lion, search it by entering mountain lion into the search field and then click it.


Click Buy App.


Enter your Apple ID to proceed with the Mountain Lion purchase and click OK.

If you don't have an Apple ID, create one and enter the credit card data so the Apple can charge you $19.99 for the Mountain Lion upgrade.


Mountain Lion is now being downloaded.

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is about 4 GB (GigaBytes) big,  so the download time will depend on the speed of your Internet connection.


When the download is finished, click the Install OS X Mountain Lion.


Click Continue to proceed.


If you agree with the Apple's terms, click Agree.


Click Agree once more.


If you want to install the Mountain Lion to your Main disk, click Install.

If you want it to install on some other disk in your Mac computer, click Show All Disks... and choose the one you want to install it to.

In most cases it's going to be your Main disk.


Enter your Mac OS X credentials and click OK.


Wait for about 3 minutes ...


... and click the Restart button.


Don't forget to save your work before you restart you Mac computer!

To speed up things click Close Other Applications....


Your Mac will now restart and start installing the Mountain Lion.

You now have about 30 minutes to do some other things, leave your Mac and have a chat with girl/boy friend, wife/husband, friend, play with your pet, for when you're done installing, you might never want to leave your mac again. ;)


When the Mountain Lion installation is finished, you will be asked to join the iCloud. You can easily Skip this step as you will be able to add it anytime later on.


And that's it, your Mac is now powered by a brand new Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion operating system.

If you want to check that for a fact, click the Apple icon in the menu and choose About This Mac.


See? What did I tell you. :)

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