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How to turn an iPhone into a WiFi hotspot

This is a very welcome feature that saved my day at various occasions, you can turn your iPhone into a wireless hotspot and share its mobile data connection.

  Author: mat | Version: 5.1.1 | 24th July 2012 |  

Tap the Settings icon on your iPhone.


Tap General in settings.


Swipe down a bit and tap Network.


Tap Set Up Personal Hotspot.


Turn on the Personal Hotspot.


When asked tap Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


Your iPhone's WiFi hotspot is now ready to be discovered and connected to.

You can change the password needed to connect to the hotspot, by tapping Wi-Fi Password and entering a new one.


You should now see a new wireless network with your iPhone's name, Mat's iPhone in my case.

You can connect to it ...

I'm connecting to the iPhone's wireless network with a notebook running Windows 7.


... enter the password of the iPhone WiFi hotspot and you should be connected and ready to surf the web with the device you connected with.


On the iPhone you can see a notification line with the number of connections your phone is handling at the moment.

To turn the WiFi hotspot on the iPhone off, tap the notification bar ...


... and turn the Personal Hotspot off.

Don't forget that this kind of web surfing uses mobile data via the iPhone and depending on which data plan you are, can get quite expensive.

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