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I know what you did on the Web

Social networks and web services have all sorts of data about you, in some cases they know stuff about you even your close ones don't.

  Author: mat | Source: mashable.com | 20th July 2012  

Did you ever read the online privacy policies you need to agree before you can start using social media services? I bet you didn't, maybe you would think twice before signing up.

Nowadays it's easy to come to the information about what browsers, operating systems, where the users are coming from, how often and similar information about the people who are visiting your website, you only need a service like Google Analytics. Social media providers on the other hand, can gather so much more as all the data you are producing daily is connected to your real name, phone number, credit card and other personal data you might have given at their disposal.

With ever growing popularity of location based apps and services, they even know where are you about and with all that information available and a bit of data-mining work, voila there's your profile. We know what you like, we know what you eat, where you eat, where you buy stuff, you favorite traveling locations, bars, colors, friends and we could go on and on and on... So now that we have all that data (data is being refreshed almost in real-time mind you), we can point you to the direction where you can buy all that stuff you are eager for and let me tell you it's a multi-billion $ business. To bring that more into a perspective, check out the infographic made by the good people of Baynote:


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