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Newest 3D technology without the pesky 3D glasses

MIT is successfully working on a brand new 3D technology where you won't need 3D glasses to get a holographic experience watching a TV.

  Author: TheDude | Source: thenextweb.com | 12th July 2012  

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is working on a new 3D technology which could mean that watching 3D imagery could soon be a thing of a past. Why is this so different from any other non-spectacles 3D technologies? Well according to MIT the 2 layer LCD stereoscopic technology used in today's gadgets like TVs or portable video games (Nintendo 3DS) is already over 100 years old and as such doesn't really do the justice to the real 3D experience. 

In the 2 Layer LCD screen scenario, you project only two different perspectives, meaning one for each eye. MIT's version can apparently display hundreds of perspectives in real time, so you really get a hologram like depth perception. In order to achieve such visually realistic results, refresh rate of 360 Hz - meaning a display refreshes 360 times every second - is needed. Better watch the video bellow and let the good people of MIT explain their new 3D holographic technology.


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