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Create a selection using Quick Mask in Photoshop

Another cool way to make selections in Photoshop is using a quick mask. It should be one of the essential weapons in your Photoshop arsenal.

  Author: mat | Version: CS5 | 10th June 2012 |  

Open a picture you want to make a selection using Photoshop Quick Mask.

I'm going to select the middle one of the Momiji Message Dolls. Her name is Darcie Dot. ;)


Click the Edit in Quick Mask Mode button (or press Q for a keyboard shortcut).

In this case you could choose one of the other selection tools like a quick selection tool as the outer lines of the Momiji doll are visible and in contrast with the background. It's just an example on how to use the Quick Edit Mask.


Choose the Brush Tool.


Right click the picture and set an appropriate brush size.


Press D to select black brush color color.

Now start painting the object you want to select.

Yes it's going to appear red, not black.


Paint the whole object or area you want to select.

Change the brush size like you did in step 4 to reach the smaller areas and to achieve a better end result.

In case you you went over the edge at some places, just press X to select a white foreground brush color and paint/erase over the problem areas.When done erasing, just press D to set the black brush foreground color again and you can continue adding to your selection.


Now again, click the same button you did in step 2, this time it's called Edit In Standard Mode (or press Q for a keyboard shortcut).


Photoshop created a selection for you, it should now be selected everything except the area you painted in Quick Mask Mode.


In the menu click Select and choose Inverse (or press Shift + Ctrl + I for a keyboard shorcut).

That's it, your object and area is now selected and ready for any further copying, cutting, pasting or any other actions you want to perform.

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NikMan, 10th Jun 2012, 6:00 AM
Nice tut, but even nicer dolls!
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KimmyK, 10th Jun 2012, 1:49 PM
Really cute dolls and an awesome online shop!
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