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Floating selection in Gimp

If you are pretty new to Gimp and don't know really what to do with floating selections, allow me to break it down for you.

  Author: KimmyK | Version: 2.8.0 | 16th May 2012 |  

Open a random image with Gimp.


Choose Rectangle Select Tool.

Or any other selection tool you wish.


Select a random part of your image and press Ctrl + C to copy your selection.


Press Ctrl + V to paste your selection then drag and drop it somwhere else (see picture).

Just click and hold the mouse button to move your selection about.


In your Layers window (press Ctrl + L if you can't see Layers) you should now see your original image layer and a new Floating Selection which is really the layer you just pasted. It's sort of a "temporary layer".


But if you now click some where else on the picture, not on your selection ...


... what happens is, the Floating selection layer gets merged with the existing layer and you lose capability to move your selection layer freely and you can't perform any action on it, because the layer is now merged into one layer.


Press Ctrl + Z to undo the merge layer action and you get your Floating Layer back again.

If you did more then one actions after Step 5, then keep pressing Ctrl + Z until you get your floating layer back. Or you can do a new selection as well, then copy/paste it like we did at the beginning.


Now as you got your Floating Selection layer back, right click it and choose To New Layer.


Floating Selection now turned into a "real" layer and now you can perform actions on this layer without the fear of losing it.


You can move it and perform whatever actions you like. If you click outside the layer, it won't get merged with the layer bellow like it would when your layer would still be a Floating Selection layer.

Hope I was clear enough, when not, just click the Comments and ask away! :)

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