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Take a photo with Brad Pitt Photoshop tutorial

Fun, yet very useful tutorial, where you manipulate a photo in a way it will look like you're standing next to Brad Pitt or any other person in that matter.

  Author: mat | Version: CS5 | 6th April 2012 |  

Click here to download photo of  Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie posing together.

You can use any other photo you like, but you will need to improvise a bit.


Open a picture of a person you want to replace Angelina Jolie with.

I've chose a photo of Brad Pitt's ex, Jennifer Aniston. Click here if you want to download the photo of Jannifer Aniston.


First, we shall cut the head of a person that will replace Angelina.

Choose the Lasso Tool.


Draw a selection around head (see picture).

You don't have to be precise, we will fine tune the selection later on.

Press Ctrl + C to copy selection.


Go back or open picture with Brad Pitt.

If you already opened the picture you can click Window in the menu and choose the name of the picture.

Press Ctrl + V to paste the selection you made in Step 4.


Press Ctrl + T to enter free transform mode. Now drag and resize the selection so it fits the new body (see picture). Press Enter when done.

Just pull on the edges of the transform selection in order to resize it. Hold the shift key so you keep the aspect ratio of the selection in tact. To move a selection, click inside of it and drag it. You can do all that anytime you want if some more adjustments are going to be needed.


Choose the Erase Tool.


Right click the document and set Hardness to a small value. Size should be set appropriate to the document dimensions.

Size represents a size of the eraser or brush, hardness is how soft or hard are the outlines of the eraser or brush.


Now gradually erase what was left around the pasted head.

Again you don't need to be super precise, we will again correct what will be left in the following steps.


Go to layers, in case you don't see the layers tab, press F7. You should see two layers, one with Brad Pitt and one with a head we're just editing.

Hold Ctrl key and click the thumbnail picture of a head layer (see picture).


Choose the Lasso Tool.

We will use a very useful tool to fine tune selection around the head.

Click Refine Edge... (see picture).


Play with Radius setting a bit and then the other adjustments settings in the Adjust Edge field.

You should see a "live preview" of selection. Observe how it changes when you're playing with the settings.

When you're satisfied with the result, click OK.


Selection around the head should now be pretty darn precise, we need to inverse the selection, as we want to erase the background and not the head itself.

in the menu click Select and choose Inverse.


There are still some tiny areas left, that the previously used tools couldn't handle. Areas between the hair, skin and similar.

Again choose Eraser Tool and set the Opacity to 30% (see picture).


Carefully click the leftover areas to get rid of them.

You might want to change the opacity and size of the eraser brush for optimum results.


Good, mine looks pretty good so far.

If you think the head is too big or out of place, just press Ctrl + T and transform it accordingly (Step 6).


We need to adjust the lighting and colors a bit so the head will fit the body.

In the menu click Image, Adjustement and choose Match Color...

In the new settings window choose the current document as Source and for a Layer set background (picture with Brad Pitt).


Tweak the sliders to achieve the best results, just keep tweaking until you're satisfied.

You can always use the forum in case of any questions ...

Click OK, when done.


Now we will get rid of some parts on the Brad Pitt picture. In my case, Angelina Jolie's hair, that's bigger then hair of Jennifer Aniston.

Click the little eye button next to the head layer so the layer isn't visible anymore (see picture), then choose the layer bellow.


Choose the Stamp Tool.


We need to choose the source that we will clone from. In my case I will choose the black background to clone over Angelina's hair.

Press and hold Alt key the click the source area.


Release Alt key and click the area you want to get rid of.

Repeat step 21 and 22 until you get rid of all the "disturbing" elements.


Now click the head layer little eye button, to make layer visible again.


And that is it!

If you still need to make some lighting adjustments, press Ctrl + L to open Levels window and play with the sliders.

If you want to learn how to replace only a face of a person, click here. You will learn a few more tricks and be able to create even more realistic photo manipulations.

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NikMan, 6th Apr 2012, 10:35 AM
Has anyone noticed how literally almost all babes are saying that Brad is not their type of man and yet he was chosen to the most beautiful man in the world for I don't now how many times
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KimmyK, 11th Apr 2012, 11:57 PM
He was hot in Inglorious Basterds.


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