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How to add FTP account in web hosting Control Panel

To upload files to website hosting server you need an FTP account, let me show you how to create one in your web hosting Control Panel.

  Author: mat | Version: | 2nd April 2012 |  

Login to your web hosting provider Control Panel (cPanel).

Find and click FTP icon.

It's quite similar in most cPanels, if you don't find it as an icon, you mind find under website tools or similar link.

There already is a "master" ftp user built-in to your web hosting account, this is only to show you how to create a new one, that has access to a specific folder.


Now if there is a create new ftp account or similar, click it.

Enter a username and password twice.

For a FTP directory enter the path on a server where you will land after connecting with a FTP client.

If I enter /public_html/mysite that means I will land in a mysite folder, the whole path would be www.mysite.com/public_html/mysite/. You only need to enter the part after www.mysite.com.

If you're hosting only one site you can enter only / and you will land in a root (basic folder).


Click Create FTP User and you are done.


Your new ftp account is now added to you web host, you can change it's password by clicking Edit, Disable it, or completely Remove it when you won't be needing it any more.

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pgsloton, 17th Sep 2023, 10:23 AM
great information
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