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Escape from TV screen Photoshop tutorial

I will show you in a few simple steps how to make a random object appear like it's coming out of a TV set right into your living room.

  Author: mat | Version: CS5 | 12th March 2012 |  

Open an image of a TV set.

You can click here to get the TV set used in this tutorial.


Now open a picture of an object you want it to stick out of the screen.

I'm using a surfer girl.

Press Ctrl + A to select the picture then Ctrl + C to copy it.


Go back to TV set document and press Ctrl + V to paste yor picture.

Set Opacity of the new layer to about 40%.

The idea is you can see both layers at the same time so you will be able to select object that is going to stick out of a TV screen.

User the move tool (V for a keyboard shorcut), adjust position of the layer in a way object that you want to make it look like it's coming out of a TV set, is actually positioned out of the screen boundaries.

Surfboard in my case.


Choose the Polygonal Lasso Tool.


And select the TV screen (see picture).


Now choose the click Add to selection button (see picture) ...


... and select the part that is sticking out.

Surfboard in my case.

Start selecting at a point where object and edge of a screen meet, then go around object to the second point where they both meet, then just follow the line of a TV screen until you reach your starting point. Your object selection should now be automatically added to your existing TV screen selection.


In the menu click Select and choose Inverse.

In the menu click Select and choose Refine Edge...

Choose the same settings as I did and click OK.


Set Opacity of the screen layer back to 100%.


And you are basically done!

Let's just tweak the screen a bit more for a better end result.

I advise you only to continue if you're using the same TV set picture as I or your own TV set picture has got an empty screen as well.


Add layer mask to your screen layer (see picture).


Press D to set the black foreground and white background color.

Choose the Gradient Tool.


Set the Foreground to Background gradient (see picture).


Now click and pull your mouse from inside to outside of the TV screen, further more, outside your document (see picture).

You can repeat this step as many times as you like, if you're not completely satisfied with your first try.


Done, it's not all that hard right?

Do not hesitate and use our slick Forum if you have any question regarding the lesson.

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