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Instagram photos of NY Yankees on Getty Images

You can actually buy portraits of New York Yankees baseball players taken with a the most popular iPhone photo sharing app Instagram.

  Author: TheDude | Source: theverge.com | 8th March 2012  

New York Yankees sports photographer Nick Laham did a portrait photo shoot of team players using an iPhone and the ever so popular photo sharing iPhone app Instagram and put them on Getty Images for your disposal at certain price mind you.

This may stir some controversy in the world of photo purists, as the pictures taken with a smartphone camera, iPhone in this case, do not meet the criteria of photos taken with a professional camera. They lack of details, sharpness and megapixels when there's a need for  high resolution photos. Size of New York Yankees portraits in question are about 2.4 megapixels which may be O.K. for a small scale web usage but certainly not for quality  printing publication needs.

However, smartphone cameras are getting better and better and are actually becoming the new pocket cams but certainly still lack the qualities of a professional DSLR cameras. Nonetheless, it sure is an interesting project indeed.

Click here to browse through New York Yankees portraits taken with iPhone and Instagram app.


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