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Microsoft Illumishare: share everyhing!

You might freak out when you see this, great concept by Microsoft, a demonstration how to share digital and physical objects in real time.

  Author: mat | Source: digitalbuzzblog.com | 29th February 2012  

Another amazing Microsoft concept demonstration this week, the Microsoft Research Team is on the roll and they really are turning ideas into reality.

The newest invention emerging from Microsoft labs is called Illumishare - technology that enables you to share any object, be it digital or physical, remotely (over private network on Internet) onto any available surface.

How does that sound to you, not sure what to make out of all this? Well imagine the following, you want to show your friend your brand new smartphone and want to compare it to his, no problem. Just put the device under a camera-projector and the video feed gets immediately transmitted to your friend's camera-projector and projected onto his desk, or whatever surface he's using for projection. He can then put his own smartphone next to the image of your projected smartphone and you can start comparing.

Still don't know what the heck am I talking about? Well see it for yourself.

I see a great potential for education purposes, there sure is a number of remote schooling solutions around at the moment, yet Illumishare seems it can bring back that personal touch you only get if you attend a real classroom. Good show Microsoft, I can't remember being that exited by your products in a long time.

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