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Microsoft transparent 3D desktop

Another new invention by Microsoft Applied Sciences Group, a see through, 3D all in one desktop. Sounds interesting? 

  Author: mat | Source: theverge.com | 28th February 2012  

Microsoft Applied Sciences Group revealed  a new prototype, interactive 3D desktop. This all in one's computer's see through OLED screen is made by Samsung and with the help of Microsoft Kinect sensors, the ones you find in Xbox 360 gaming console it turns the system into a futuristic virtual desktop, that can be guided with the hand gestures in real time.

There is also a keyboard included behind the see through screen, which you can use to operate the virtual desktop like you do on a traditional desktop or notebook.

Really advanced feature with this system is, besides the fact Microsoft Kinect sensors track your hand movements, they also scan and track you head and eye movements. Meaning, you get a realistic perspective and depth based on data, kinect sensors provide, as they track position of your head and eyes.

See the video bellow to witness Microsoft transparent 3D desktop in action.

Minority report type of transparent intuitive screens are coming to your living room soon. :)


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