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My first Google Docs document

Google by far isn't only a search service or an e-mail provider. I will introduce you to their Google Docs service which you can use as your very own office in the cloud.

  Author: mat | Version: | 17th February 2012 |  

In this tutorial we will create a new Document which is something most people are used to from Microsoft Word.

Sign in to your Gmail account and click Documents in the Google menu (see picture).

You can go directly to Google Docs by clicking the following link docs.google.com, but you still need to sign-in to your Google account when asked.


You are now in Google Docs, a so called office in the cloud. If you're not familiar with the term cloud, it's only a fancy word for Internet.

Click Create button and choose Document.


You are now in a text editing interface. It's pretty similar to other well known off line text editors, so you shouldn't encounter to much trouble figuring it out.

Just type in some text.


You can change the font, size of the font, color of the font and many more. Let's for instance make part of the text bold.

Select the text you want to make bold ...


... and click the Bold button. You can even press Ctrl + B for a keyboard shortcut instead.


Let's put a name to your document.

Click Untitled document ...


... enter a name for it and click OK.

Your document will now get saved automatically every few seconds, so you shouldn't be worried if you loose the connection or your browser freezes.


Now go back to Google Docs Home.

Just click the Home - Google Docs tab in your browser.


You should now see your new document with the title you entered in step 7.

That's it, you just created and saved your very first Google Docs document. Next time you want to edit it, just click it. The cool thing about office in the cloud is, you can access and use your documents wherever you are, you just need a computer, tablet or a smartphone and a working Internet connection.

Next time we will create a spreadsheet.

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