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Apple Mac OS X Mountain Lion preview

Take a look at a preview of the new version of Apple OS X 10.8 called Mountain Lion.

  Author: mat | Source: engadget.com | 16th February 2012  

Apple announced a new version of their Mac OS X operating system in fashion not quite expected from the world's most hyped company. A subtle little banner at the bottom left side of the Apple Website.

It's basically a pimp up of their current version and a lot of features have been already seen in their iOS, which as already said and predicted millions of times can lead to a one unified operating system for Apple "interface driven" devices.

Some of the new features of Mac OS X Mountain Lion:

A new and improved Messaging System, when signed to their now already well known and accepted iCloud service, you will be able to send documents, videos or photos to up to 100MB (Mega Bytes) big to one or multiply persons. 

The Notification Center, one of the coolest if not the coolest new feature of Moutain Lion. You will be able to connect all your accounts (social media as well?) to the Notification Center, so you will see a stylish notification pop-up when a new e-mail, message or whatever lands in one of your accounts.

Reminders, feature also already seen in iOS, it does look nice, and could prove to be useful.

Now check out this comprehensive video clip, published by the great Engadget.com guys, of Apple Mac OS X Mountain Lion in Action.

To wrap things up, what Apple did with the new version of their new Operating System is, they narrowed the gap between the user experience of iOS on devices such as iPhone or iPad, and the user experience you get when you're engaged on Apple desktops and notebooks. They also want you to get more involved in their iCloud service, that's why the beefed up integration with the up and coming Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8).

Let's end up this article with the Game Center, with over 100 million registered users, a quite anticipated new feature for all the passionate gamers, it's not quite ready yet, but should be available soon on Mountain Lion.


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