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How to create a Facebook page

If you want to boost up online presence for your brand, company or product, I recommend you to create a Facebook page. I will show you how to create one and how to get started.

  Author: mat | Version: | 14th February 2012 |  

You need to already be registered and signed up to Facebook in order to create a Facebook page. If you don't have a Facebook account yet, click here for the very first steps on Facebook lesson.

Sign-in to your Facebook account and scroll whole way down until you reach the footer (bottom).


Click Create a Page link.


Now choose a type of page suitable for your business or brand.

If you own a Pizza store then choose Local Business or Place, if you own a software company or charity organization then choose Company, Organization or Institution, in case you want to communicate your brand or a product choose Brand or Product. if you would create a page for let's say Beyonce, some Football player or a public figure in general then choose Artist, Band or Public figure you probably get the picture by now :)

I'm creating a page for Dreevoo.com so I'm going to choose Company, Organization or Institution.


Now select what your page is about and enter the name for it.

Check I agree to Facebook Pages Terms and click Get Started.


You need to provide an image that represents the brand you are making the page for in most cases it's a logo or a picture of a person if you're representing a person.

Click Upload an Image ...


... Choose File ...


... and choose an image for upload.


You have your picture now, let's continue ...

Click Edit Page button (see picture).


You can choose the Unpublish page option if you don't wish to go public yet with your page.

If the brand you are representing isn't appropriate for youth, just set an Age Restriction.

Choose All Posts for Wall Tab Shows.

This means that on the Wall of your page all the posts will be visible including, posts of your fans. You can always change every option later on if needed.

Wall for a Default Landing Tab.

People who visit your Facebook page are going to land directly on to your Wall.


Choose the Posting Abilities for your page.

I recommend you to select all the option and leave the freedom to your users. You can always restrict it later on if you get too much spam on our Facebook page wall.

Click Save Changes.


Now click Basic Information on the left.


Now let's create a username for you page (see picture).


A username is a unique name that will represent your brand with Facebook url. I'm going to choose Dreevoo for our organization and our Facebook url will look like this: www.facebook.com/Dreevoo

Think through and choose your Username wisely, for you cannot change it afterwards anymore.

Enter the Username you want and click Check Availability button to see if it's still available.


If it's available all you need to do now is to Confirm it.

And again, think through about the Username as you won't be able to change it after you click Confirm. If you're not sure, you can always set the Username later on. Don't take too long though or some other brand can snatch it.

Click Save Changes.


Now click Home (see picture).


And you should now be able to see you Facebook Page in the Pages menu on the left side of your Facebook (see picture).

Click the settings icon next to your page (see picutre).


Click the Edit Page button.


Click Basic Information.


Now enter the rest of the information about your brand, company or whatever you are representing.

Be clear, on point and not too long, people should be able to know what you are about and what they can expect from your brand.


Don't forget to enter e-mail and brand's website, so people know where to reach you.

Click Save Changes.


If you chose the Unpublish page option at the beginning and you are ready to publish your Facebook page then click Manage Permissions ...


... and uncheck Unpublish page option.

Click Save Changes.


Now click View Page button.


And first think you should do is to Like your own page and Invite your Facebook Friends to like your new Facebook Page or better said, to like your brand, company, organization or whatever you are representing.

And if you like Dreevoo.com please visit Dreevoo on Facebook and press the like button. :)

Stay tuned for many more Facebook and Facebook pages related tutorials and if you have any suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate and use the Forum.

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