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Salaries in Social Media jobs

A breakdown on where in the U.S. is social media being engaged the most, what are the job titles and how much money do social media specialists actually make.

  Author: mat | Source: onwardsearch.com | 13th February 2012  

The Social Media Jobs Salary Guide infographic was created by the nice people of Onward Search. I've cut it into three pieces for a better view. If you want to see it in one piece, please click the source bellow.

First part represents top 20 U.S. cities with the highest volume of social media jobs with New York leading and so being socially most engaged city in the States.

In the second part you can see the most popular or rather most frequent Social Media job titles. As expected content writers take the cake, followed by marketing managers and strategists.

For the last but certainly not the least, probably being the most interesting sheet of information, where and how much do professional Social Media experts earn per year.

Would you say a lot, as expected or not that much?


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