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How to blur background in Gimp

Let me show you how to blur the background in GIMP so the chosen objects stands out more.

  Author: mat | Version: 2.6.11 | 6th January 2012 |  

Open a picture where you want to blur out the background on.

I'm using a picture of an indie rock band Arctic Monkeys.

Click here for the lesson on where to get and how to install the free image editing software Gimp.


Choose the Free Select Tool.


And select an object you want it to be in focus.

I'm going make the lead singer Alex Turner pop out.


In the menu click Select and choose Invert (or press Ctrl + I for a keyboard shorcut).


Now again click Select and choose Feather...


In the Feather Selection window enter 25 pixels and click OK.

This will make your selection smoother on the edges.


Let's blur out the background now.

In the menu click Filters, Blur and choose Gaussian Blur...


In the Gaussian blur settings window, choose 5 for Horizontal and Vertical Blur Radius then click OK.


In the menu click Select and choose None (or press Shift + Ctrl + A for a keyboard shorcut).


And that is all!

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