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Pale octopus and other new species found

Various new species found in deep sea near Antarctica, living in temperatures of 752F.

  Author: mat | Source: guardian.co.uk | 4th January 2012  

Various of never before seen creatures have been found living next to boiling underwater vents, several miles deep in the Southern Ocean close to Antarctica. British scientist found an alien like looking pale octopus, hundreds of hairy-chested yeti crabs, colonies of limpets (snails with a simple shell), snails and barnacles.

A pale octopus, image by Oxford University/PA

A remotely controlled vehicle called Isis, operated by Professor Alex Rogers of Oxford University was used to search the deep sea bed, with springs of black boiling water, that reaches temperatures of 752F (400C). This underwater vents are a consequence of underwater volcanoes which  give the springing water high temperatures, richness in minerals and great conditions that support a wide variety of life.

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Isis

"The exploitation of the deep ocean is overtaking its exploration. We're fishing in deeper and deeper waters, oil and gas is moving into deeper waters and now there's mining starting to take place in deep waters. We need to understand how species disperse and evolve in the deep oceans if we're going to make responsible decisions about managing their resources." said Professor Rogers.


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